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First Dress rehearsal

PatienceMaiden (15k image)I was feeling exhausted on the way into rehearsal after getting creamed at work today. There was no chance for rest or a nap; it was drive, Lovesick Maiden, drive! (It's sad, really, that I was anticipating getting to work on my new cross-stitch kit more than rehearsal.) I ate my dinner (leftover Thai food from Friday) in the green room, then got to work with my newly-finished Aesthetic costume. It's incredibly gorgeous, but the wig doesn't make me very happy - I feel like I look like an Eastern European immigrant or something - it's just too damned fuzzy. It's going to be hard for me to fix my hair to get it on, too - with as much as I have it's really hard to get it under the cap evenly. Wendy offered to do mine if I'd do hers, though, so I guess I'll get it figured out somehow.

PatienceAct2Costume (9k image)We had a hard time moving around with these big things on - tripping going up stairs, standing on each others' dresses, getting caught on scenery. And during the big hanky scene ("Blindfold your eyes ..."), I had a wardrobe malfunction and was unable to retrieve mine from my voluminous sleeves quickly enough to tie it on. And I'm sure my bra straps were showing way too much - so gauche!

Switching into the other costumes was a whole new ball of wax. The dresses actually come on and off easily, but between the corset and the bustle and the hat and pinning my wig up there's a LOT of prep work to do. They really changed the energy among us maidens, though - our final scene's twittering seemed genuinely excited. And I swear I have the most beautiful dress, even though with my hat on I look not just a bit like Little Bo Peep. I don't know what I did to please the costume designer, but he's being very, very good to me.

Finally, after the "Magnet and the Churn," Wendy came up to me and said that if I smiled during my "bit" (for "the needles opened their well-drilled eyes ...") like I did tonight, I'd be breaking hearts every night. Wow! What a compliment! I'm still glowing from it. I've wondered what the right response was to that line, to be happy or sad, but I guess if it's making a good impression on the audience versus being forgettable, I'll go for the big smile every time.
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