Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Patience: invited dress

Last night was the first night we did Patience with a proper audience, though it was just an invited dress rehearsal and not opening night and there were LOTS of empty seats. It was extra proper because I actually had a friend in the audience, whom I could hear laughing occasionally. Actually, there was a LOT of laughing, which was great, because I've secretly feared people wouldn't guess that this show is a comedy and you are supposed to laugh, in the very first scene, even, as we silly maidens walk onto the stage and take our pretentious poses.

Even with only about a quarter of the house full, the nerves were running kind of high - I'd say not for me, as I was too tired to be nervous, but I still sang when I wasn't supposed to during the first act, and forgot my kick-steps during the dance off. However, another actress actually spoke over someone else's lines, twice, so it could have been worse for me. I did manage quite nicely to redo my hat and hair right before the entrance to the grand finale in about two minutes, as I was walking on stage, since they gave up the ghost right as our cue sounded.

Overall, energy was better - the duke gave us a stare-down during the first scene with the maidens, as if to say, "What the HECK are you wearing?" (see pictures here), which he made up just last night - and was VERY good. Also, the major did an improv bit where he made a dragoon pick up his lost epaulet - big time improvy thing, GREAT for laughs, a good way to handle the rather uncomfortable situation of a large shiny thing laying in the middle of a big empty space. I think it will be even better tonight.
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