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Patience opens!

I'll probably still keep a show diary throughout the run, but to some extent it seems like I could stop tonight. At any rate - we opened at last, and I had not just a nice bouquet from my husband waiting for me in the dressing room, but a bajillion friends in the audience - not just shadowdaddy and my brother and sister-in-law, but Singh and Elliot and Vaughn from work (and two guests) AND krow and ein_traum. Wow! I felt lucky!

There were no obvious screw-ups tonight (though my hat was trying to wander in the closing scene again). The energy was very different - Hollis ("Sapphir") had freezing cold hands before the opening scene, the dialogue in the dressing room was very different (comic but business-like), the green room during intermission was crackling, with nearly every cast member present. I wasn't nervous at all, like I thought I might be - truth be told I was just worn out and it was all Bawls could do to keep me awake. The older woman who's in our dressing room pitched a fit about her wig - it does look rather like a dead Pekinese - and I determined that I must have earned the Blessing of Carl the Costume Designer when I helped him do all the measurements one Saturday long ago, for he gave me top-notch dresses for both looks we have.

Afterwards there was a cast party at a snazzy house on the lake. I ate chili (where did my appetite come from?) and drank cider and made some small talk, then watched a video of the show. Well, I watched about the first five songs, actually. I'd like to see the rest of it eventually - there's stuff that happens even when I'm on stage that I'd never seen before due to the direction that I'm looking (and I'm supposed to hold pose a lot). We were singing a long with a lot of it - folks were in pretty high spirits. Me, I was slowing down a lot after midnight, and right now I'm about on the floor.

Tomorrow it's two shows, call at 12:30, and I won't be home again before 11 PM. I wish someone I knew was coming - it would be nice to think there was one person in the audience that might be out there hoping I was making eye contact with them, one person for me to play to. Oh well. One down, eleven more to go.
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