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Break between shows

I decided to skip the reception and come home between shows. This, of course, is only possible because we have a 6:30 call instead of six, but I don't care. My hair is still up in pin curls and I still have on my show makeup - I'm really a sight for sore eyes. But I just got a twenty minute nap in so I could hardly care less.

shadowdaddy is making me dinner, pesto/chicken/pasta stuff, and I didn't get lunch so I am ready. FEED ME!

Also, I found an earring that's been missing for, what, two years? caught in the lightweight summer blanket we have on the bed right now. I am amused. I guess I'm also pleased, as it was a present from my grandmother. And of course I still have the other one, which has been sitting by itself for ever so long, so suddenly I have a pair again. Good thing I never throw stuff away, and a miracle I was able to find it within about 5 seconds of unhooking the other earring. I'll be wearing them tomorrow.
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