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Who would think I'd find a computer in Abiquiu?

Really, this town is smaller that Jemez Springs, but it has a public library, and you can use the computers for free with no need to register! Awesome, huh? F-U, Patriot Act!

We've been having a good time so far, eating ourselves into a diarrhetic coma, hiking, siteseeing, driving, and eating (did I say that already?). Jemez is a DAMN cute town, and the very first night we were there we went up to one of the hot springs. It was a pool surrounded by boulders up in the trees, and even though there were three or four other people still there, it was awesome ... what I had imagined the Olympic National Park springs would look like instead of a big sanitized swimming pool. I was imagining that it was just the thing dagmar_b needed to relax.

Hmm, looks like I accidentally disabled "allow comments." Oops.

Yesterday we went to Bandelier National Monument, and although I'm not really too excited by indian ruins, the Tsankawi part of the monument, which is far removed from the main area and fairly quiet, was like a living history museum. I literally walked in the footsteps of the pueblo indians of 500 years ago, and I know I was walking in their footsteps because they had carved pathways into the tufa rock that they made their homes in. I could also see actual shards of pottery ALL OVER THE PLACE. It was amazing. The total collapse of the main building made it obvious that I was not going to walk around the corner and see someone with a metate grinding up corn, but the presence of past lives on the site was really intense. We also got quite a windstorm while we were up there all exposed on the mesa top, and as I climbed down the stick ladder to the lower mesa homes I had a brief image of being blown away to the valley floor.

Worthy Opponent is outside sketching the church, and I've been online for an hour now (checking in on friends and reading my email). I'm going to rejoin him in the cool and sunny outdoors and head out to the Ghost Ranch.

Over and out 'til next week ...

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