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Patience, after four days off

Yeah, I'm living the high-class life of an actress, running off to rehearsal with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner. Woo, the perfect accompaniment to champagne and caviar! I was sad, though; despite giving myself a full half-hour to make it to the Rep, I was unable to snag a deelicious dark chocolate bar from Larry's before the show. Worse yet, I left all of the nice cheeses I had brought to work in the fridge there - three crotins of goat, a tub of fresh motz, and some basil havarti - so the mid-show snacking left MUCH to be desired. Pretzels and a little dried fruit really weren't cutting it.

The end of act one was all and all a mess tonight. Our entrance, led by someone who'd been out sick, was a strange meandering up and down the side of the set (normally we come in the back and go out the side) - which I thought might have been a secret trick to get us in our places sooner. But the real disaster was the end of the scene, where we raced ahead of the orchestra, started singing when we weren't supposed to (at least not what we were doing, though I think in the chaos the audience didn't notice), and generally attempted to ignore the conductor. I looked at him in the pit and he looked quite put out.

My nice moment was when I stood next to my dragoon at the end of the act and said, "Hey, put out your arm!" and he replied,"I'll do it if you'll fix my button." So there the sextet stood, singing their hearts out, and while everyone in the audience watched them I smiled up at my "fiance" and fixed his shirt. It was really quite cute, I think.

Backstage, things were noisy, but I was mostly just being quiet, sewing and reading Howl's Moving Castle while people yacked away. I just didn't have much to say or much energy to come up with small talk. It has been a long week. I should say that for me the highlight of the evening was seeing tonyawinter after the show; knowing she was there, I tried extra hard to make sure that if she was looking at me, I was actually acting, being fun to watch and lively. Tomorrow will be a big crowd of people and I suspect that with that many of my friends in the audience I will really be on.
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