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My philosophy of life. Don't wait. Start now.

This article, by Margaret Malone, is from this month's Tablet Magazine, "Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About." It captures the philosophy by which I lead my life, and I think it's worth reading. It goes ...

"Once death is in the picture the fog begins to clear and you start to remember all the things you told yourself were important but then forgot ... Life really is short. This moment, this moment that you’re reading these 400 words, this is your life.

"Here’s what also happens: people take their places. Friends and family move to the forefront or the background. You finally figure out where everyone belongs. Somebody you knew in passing from college will call and ask to come over and make you dinner even though it will be awkward and uncomfortable and neither of you will know whether to talk about the death in the air. And someone else will sit down when death comes and say to you, “Whatever you need,” and then fade into the landscape of their life, lose your number, forget where you live. And that is okay. Death will do that. Death is rambunctious and deceitful. A nearby death reminds you of your own: It is coming.

"And this happens too: Small things like the deep sleep breathing of the person you love will stop your heart. There is no longer any time to put anything off. Going to work becomes impossible. Who cares about sales and what to eat for lunch? Death does not. And so, for your 45 seconds I am here to tell you – this is what to do when you are dying: Make a list of all the things, the craziest, softest, most adventurous, tender things you wish you could do. Everything. And then, one by one, start doing them. Start now."
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