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Antoine Predock in Los Alamos

We decided to be geeks this morning and stop at the public library in Los Alamos, simply because it was designed by Antoine Predock and I really like his architecture. There were also bathrooms available (a necessity after the curvy mountain drive) and rather not surprisingly the computers (good for filing UI long distance). Speaking of UI, I got a letter just before I left saying that I didn't qualify for benefits because I haven't worked enough yet. Of course, if they included the work I did after March 31st, I would qualify. I guess I'll contest it when I get back. However, it looks like what I need to do is look for a job ASAP, which will probably mean going back to work for Hall Kinion if they'll let me.

I wanted to mention yesterday that my upper thigh muscles were sore from all of the hiking I've been doing. They're the muscles that keep me from sliding down hill when I'm walking on a steep slope and I guess they don't get too much use in Seattle. But they've hurt for three days now.

We didn't have much for breakfast this morning and I'm super hungry, so it's time to sign off and get a bite to eat. We're going to Chimayo and Taos today, spending two nights in Taos (doing the "Enchanted Circle" drive), then going to Albuquerque. I'm hoping we'll get some more art time today like we did yesterday, when we were sketching at the Ghost Ranch. That place was super cool and I hope I can go back some day and take a class like "Traditional Spanish Tinworking."
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