Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Patience: Second Friday

The show tonight was much better than yesterday. Highlights (if you can call them that) included a cast member getting a nosebleed right before she went on stage (how are you supposed to handle that?) and getting quite a lecture from the director beforehand about how exactly we had half of the chorus finish before the other half did the night before. Bleah.

The show was actually really on tonight, though. People hit their spots, the soloists sang better, and I was an even bigger ham than usual. Of course, this was because I was playing to the crowd, in which scarlettina, Nick, varina8, Mr. and Mrs. ironymaiden, kafulea, Dug, and shadowdaddy were cheering me on (hopefully - they might have been laughing at the show, too). It was great to have so much support in the audience - thanks, guys!

To keep energy levels up, I brought in a big spread of nice cheeses (chevre, fresh motz, havarti with basil), prosciutto, good crackers, gingersnaps, and cinnamon/sugar almonds - which was devoured as if by pirahnas before intermission was over. Yum! This earned me "goddess" status for the night, but of course my reward was having something I wanted to snack on in the middle of the show.

The Saturday call is even an hour earlier than last week - around 11:30, as we are taking pictures of act one. I suspect I will be very ready for my break on Sunday.
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