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Patience: second two-show day: the midpoint is crossed!

PatienceIntershow (17k image)Yesterday seemed insanely long, in part because we actually started earlier than we had before as they were taking pictures. This led to what I considered the most hysterical moment of the day, as we "maidens" took our show-opening pose - all dressed in Pre-Raphaelite robes, holding harps, flute, and mandolins in "artistic" poses, with our hair cascading down our backs and wreaths of flowers crowning our heads. The director suddenly said, "No, no, no, Marilyn, that is just NOT going to work!" I turned around to see one of my sister maidens holding a orange and green, four foot long Digeridoo in an "artistic" pose, and I about lost my shit laughing. I couldn't have imagined a bigger culture clash, unless she had walked on stage with a steel-drum marimba strung around her neck. She then proceeded to argue with the director, as if perhaps it was the angle that she was holding it at that was the problem, then asked if she was thus not supposed to have it in the show. I just died!

Anyway, so we had thirty minutes of holding different poses, with one of the dragoons complaining loudly the whole time, and it just kind of set a nasty, bitchy, exhausted tempo for the day. I pretty much shut down, and spent the whole of the show reading or stitching and not visiting at all. The show itself went smoothly, except for when the "aesthetic" poet skipped one of his moves during "Magnet and the Churn," which made me forget my next move. Oddly, there was even a point at the end of the first act where I stood there going, "I have absolutely no idea how this act ends! I am standing here and doing what I am supposed to do next, but I have completely forgotten what's going on!" After about five or ten seconds I remembered that the act ends with us maidens falling in love with the new poet, but it was very odd to find my memory shot out like that; clearly, I was worn out, and I started telling people I would not be attending the cast party but would rather be hustling my butt home and into bed after the show was over.

After the first show was over came the highlight of the day: going out to lunch/dinner with my sister chorines. The stage manager had evilly called us for 6, so we had barely an hour to do it, but fortunately there was a big food festival happening next door at the Seattle Center that we were perfectly situated to take advantage of. So off we went with our stage makeup on and our "act one finale" hankies wrapped over our heads (some folks had on their pincurls; I was stuck with my wig, still, and looked rather like Rizzo from Grease) into the sunshine and fresh air. There was one area where a bunch of fancy restaurants had set up to offer little samples of their food in conjunction with a fundraiser for Food Lifeline, and thus I spent the next hour nibbling on pistachio coated lamb chops, spicy couscous stew on an endive leaf, and blackberry shortcake (et cetera) while I visited with folks. Ah! Of course, by six PM it was back in the theater and back to work, but gosh, I did get to enjoy a lovely day. And we have crossed the halfway mark - only four more shows to go!
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