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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Give me back my DSL

The nice stuff: my roses are blooming, five of the six I planted last year as well as the one from last year and the three that came with the house. Souvenir de Malmaison (for some reason it reminds me of The Fall of the House of Usher) is not cooperating, perhaps because it is a Bourbon rose or perhaps because it's not getting enough sun.

My computer is deadish. Before today it just had no DSL. Now the video card is fried, and I'm reduced to emailing from shadowdaddy's work. With any luck I'll get my computer back tomorrow and I'll be on my merry blogging way. I'm just dying without having DSL access, though. Have you missed me?

My bad news the day before we left to Albuquerque (that unemployment determined I didn't qualify for benefits because I hadn't worked enough this year) was all washed away yesterday when I got my old claim reopened. Hallelujah to whoever in Congress has been fighting for the Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation program to be re-extended, since this person is keeping me for applying at Starbucks today (not that I wouldn't still lose the house if we had to live off that, since it pays less than unemployment benefits). Also, Worthy Opponent and his coworkers got their pay cut by 10% Monday, so without the unemployment check it would be Major Up Shits Creek for us. Oh yeah, and it looks like the people at V*** cancelled my health benefits two weeks earlier than they said they would in my severance letter. Sweet, huh?

Wanna know what I did today? I went on Poop Patrol, cleaned the catbox (I made a Pee-O-Tent for inside the old cat's box) and tried making pad thai (there was much washing of hands between these activities). Oh yeah, and I went to a "meeting" with a recruiter who was very nice but had no jobs for me, and I applied for four jobs in the last two hours (during which I've been at Worthy O's office). I think I'll hit the Eden Systems job now and call it a wrap. Maybe tomorrow I'll get motivated and start cleaning the basement, or finish reading Jo Clayton's Wild Magic.

If you're looking for me, be sure to call me at home, 'kay? Me so no email right now.
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