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My brain is crowded today

Show, work, visiting relatives (father and mother-in-law) - today looks to be fun packed, and the next three days are like a train heading for a cliff's edge. I'm too busy to fall apart, thank goodness - it will be all I can do to just stand up and move forward. I'll have little time for blogging, I think.

For my friends who care: Ressam judge decries U.S.anti-terror tactics: Secret tribunals abandon nation's ideals, judge says at sentencing yesterday, headline from today's Seattle Times. I couldn't agree with him more.

I got a nice compliment from two women who were waiting to catch the bus yesterday and mulling over the purpose of the strange sculpture that rises from the retention pond (see previous entry on the Beast of Eastgate). "It's decorative," I explained. "It's art."

"No, sister," said one of the women (Ethiopian or Somali, I suspect, very handsome with her silver dreads),"what you are doing (pointing to my cross-stitch peacock), that is art." (Her companion admonished me to "Be sure to have that finished before I see you again!" as I got off of the bus.) I felt very flattered.

I miss seeing my friends and feeling plugged into my support network. Thank you to those of you who have tried to find the tiny bits of free time I do have and have snuck through the chinks in my armor (thin as it is) to give me support in the last couple of weeks. I really appreciate it.

Only four more shows to go ...
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