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Patience: the last Friday

The show tonight went really well, surprising given the screwups of the night before and the (surprisingly) smaller audience. Our conductor had the good sense to rehearse the end of act one with us before the show tonight (as this is where we screwed up on Thursday - not as badly as the week before, but still noticably) - and tonight we were spot-on, perfect. Alice (our "Lady Jane") was all but high-fiving us as we walked off of the stage. Of course, we had an outstanding audience tonight, laughing at the second pose the maidens took on stage and snickering as we did our "Ah, misery!"s, cheering us as the curtain went down at the end of act one. It was very energizing.

Of course, I had much more energy myself, after getting about an extra four hours of sleep today. This put me in a pretty good mood for the show. There was still some stress to deal with after last night's harassment claims from one of the female chorus members (kind of made dealing with some of the men rather uncomfortable), and listening to the women on my side of the dressing room discussing Christian fiction was making me feel kind of creeped out. Afterwards, despite the call for photos and seeing no one I knew in the audience (alas), I was most jolly at McMenamins, where they've finally seen fit to add a tap cider. Conversations ranged from religion and marriage to "naughty taties" to the effect of the male lead (Bunthorne) on the comic female role (Lady Jane) to the destruction Savonarola wrought on Italian art history. I was joined after about half an hour by and the person I would call ShadowMommy if she had an LJ account, who were fresh from their trip to Circus Contraption and in very good moods themselves. We all hung out until about midnight, singing at each other, hashing over the show, and generally having a very good time.

Tomorrow should be a good night indeed. Truthfully, I will be happy to have the show be over, but I do look forward to participating with more than one decent night's rest and being in a good mood for the long slog that is Saturday, and then getting on with what I would call The Rest of My Life. Will there be more plays for me? Am I really a good singer or have I been fooling myself, hidden in the comforting arms of a large chorus? Do I have any talent? Should I be going to auditions, or just preparing to resume my normal "drab" life? Only time will tell ...
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