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Patience: "All cast on stage for the final finale"

07-30-05_2242 (19k image)I'm back home from the very last night of Patience, quite buzzed from the end of the marathon and, apparently, a single pint of cider on a but lightly-filled stomach. I received some extremely nice compliments today which I would like to keep with me as my true souvenirs of the show, all of which I received tonight. They are as follows:
1. The president of the society saying that it was great to have me be a part of the group and add my good, up energy to the shows.
2. My last scene "stage sister" telling me what fun it was to watch me from across the set. "You've got a great face for the stage!" :-D
3. The director telling me my publicity shot looked fabulous. ("Are you sure you mean me?")
4. "Lady Angela" 's understudy, who sat in the booth watching the feed from the cameras as we were taped today, telling me I looked great on the recordings.

Oh, there were some things that went wrong today - people getting (and answering, hello, this is not TV!!!) cell phone calls during the show, our male lead dropping and changing lines during his big poem, the cape that flew across my companion's face (and stuck) during "Magnet and the Churn," my whacking blueskitten's nose when she did her fainting bit. But overall the energy was very good and people were positive and upbeat - a nice way to end the run, eh? I'm happy it's all over, though, happy to get back to seeing my friends and having a more flexible schedule and even having time to do nothing.

Yay and hurray! I done did me a show! Now I'm going to keep my schedule free for the next four months and decompress.
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