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Can you do old year's resolutions?

I was sitting in the Green Room at the Rep over the weekend and realized ... I have been pushing, pushing, pushing myself for over a year now. I have not given myself a break. First it was the Japanese class (twice a week and a TON of homework), then it was voice lessons, then it was the show (when I burned the candle at both ends and then broke it in two and started burning from the middle, too).

So I have made a resolution. I am going to Take a F**king Break until November. I will audition for no shows, I will buy no season tickets to anything, I will take no classes.

I will chill out more. I will spend time with friends. I will spend more time with shadowdaddy (not that we weren't already going to all the shows and playing games and seeing movies together anyway, but still, the show was a pain, and the last year had been too busy for us). I will also probably still work myself to the bone at my job, but that can't be helped.

I will also let myself write. Look at my resolutions for this year: the one I have not done was to submit an application to be a freelancer for The Stranger. Will you all (especially my writer friends) harp on me about this at least once a week until I get it done?

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