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She Lives! plus - Birthday party invite


What was the secret? Interpreting "The disks are lost" as "An ineffective search for the disks have been peformed. Since you never throw anything away, they must still be in the house somewhere. Would you look for them?"

Voila, I found the disk, the driver was reinstalled (it really can't be found online, what a cruel joke) and I have gone from "Gosh, Violet, I hear some day people may get around using a horseless buggy!" (aka travelling at the speed of copper) to The Joy That Is Getting My Money's Worth Out Of A Product Which May Be Imperfect And Yet Is Paid For Anyway.

Saturday, June 21st. The summer solstice. Some of you will be worshipping the goddess. Some of you will be riding bikes naked through the streets of Fremont. Some of you will be cleaning the streets of Seattle. But the intersection of my birthday with these various events can only be interpreted as a cause for further celebration. For lo, the longest day of the year and my birthday will always be one and the same day. Why not celebrate WITH me?

Time: 4 PM - midnight (or 1 AM, we'll go with the flow).
Location: The Rookery
Event: Potluck and Games
What to bring: I provide Sangria and birthday cake, you bring food (if you come before 8, after 8 don't sweat it) and any games you feel are lacking from my library (all the better if they are giftwrapped). Don't forget your allergy meds if you can't handle the pets. Cards, party games, and strategy games are all welcome.
Not allowed: bad sports, big drama, over drinking (unless you share the tequila with me and promise to hold my hair).

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