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Unemployment, day X

What a pathetically wasted day. I didn't even start cleaning one thing in the basement. What's sadder is I can't even say it's been well wasted. I didn't a) have lunch with a friend b) go to Pilates c) hang out on the beach d) read e) etc. I did start reading Shadowspeer (another Jo Clayton book I picked up in Long Beach) while I was eating Tonn Thai in the backyard, and I read an article on Chicago that I thought was great, but that was probably only 45 minutes out of the day. I just piddled away my time. During my two hours (in the morning!) on the computer, I did get two resumes sent out, and I did wash the dishes and plant another round of gladiolas (which took about 15 minutes). This is not taking advantage of my free time: it's wasting my life.
Tags: chicago, gardening, jo clayton, job hunting, long beach, musicals, pilates, unemployment
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