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Set list from Sorry Charlie's

Went with Maya while Worthy Opponent went to see Dismemberment Plan. Sorry Charlies is supposed to be closing July 1. There was a photographer from the Seattle Times there but I don't think he got a shot of me.

Set one: All That Jazz (okay), For No One (okay, still too fast), Mein Liebes Herr (very promising
Intraset: Summertime (good)
Set two: Cabaret (so so), Cry Me a River (excellent)
Set three: Wild is the Wind (like jumping out of a plane and not finding your rip cord), There's No Business like Show Business (Howard didn't know the version I had the sheet music for and insisted on playing it in the same key, which stuck me singing the whole thing in falsetto)

I'm planning on going to the library tomorrow and finding music for the other songs I want to sing so I can get an entire set together.
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