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The season is passing

This afternoon the sun was shining at that particular angle, in the particular shade of gold, that convinced me summer is truly over. The vines on the rock wall said pluck me, for I am soon to die, the pink colchicum we are returned, though you had forgotten us, the Beauty Berry I am yet to come, wait for me. I had visions of fall plantings surfacing in my head, rolling over and over, the endless years in which I have made beds, placed bulbs, covered them with earth and waited, waited.

I walked to the park, which was filled with grass long dead (which yet will turn green), and felt myself entering a bowl of light, walking into memories, a thousand visits to this park in all seasons and all weather, somehow going forwards and backwards in time simultaneously. I have been there, I will be there, I am there now. I am here now. I am moving forward and standing still while the constellations spin around me. It is time to plant, it is time to plan, time to Be Here Now and be then, now - simultaneously, my past and my future an endless cycle of now. This is what it is to be home.
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