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Buster Keaton silents #2: The Balloonatic and Sherlock Holmes, Jr.

Despite both of us dragging at the end of the day (end of summer colds, anyone?), we still made it to the Paramount to see Buster Keaton silents, the third in the series. I was feeling indulgent and decided a trip to Tango for happy hour tapas was called for. One dish of queso fundido (with crusty bread and tart apple slices, YUM!), an order of puerco asado con papas, and an assortment of cured meats and cheeses (plus one glass sangria and one pint of Old Seattle Lager) later, and we were skipping down the hill to the theater, where a line of ticket buyers snaked down the street.

I, however, went to the "will call" line and schmoozed a pair of freebies for us (because I'm bad, and charming), and in we went. Both films had almost zero dialogue and relied primarily on physical antics, in the mode of most slapstick comedy, but for some reason with Keaton this stuff really works. He pushes it, he pushes it some more, and then he does something that makes you go WOW! It's lovely to watch, he's a good actor, and the setup required for many of his stunts really just leaves you rolling in your seat. Sherlock Junior was especially notable because of a long dream sequence in which our hero, a projectionist, dreams he is watching the love of his life and her other suitor in a movie, then walks from the theater into the movie. Wow. This is followed with a series of scene switches, shown as if watched from the movie theater (with the proscenium around it and the organ player below), rapidly progressing from "they built a set up there and pretended we were watching a movie" to the completely unbelievable (a rock in the ocean) that questioned the nature of what we were watching. It reminded me of the underwater sequence in The Boat - showing a real mastery of the medium.

Ahem. At any rate, a good evening was had, and upon our return the director of Open Circle's October play, Arkham, called him to discuss dates for getting the lighting done. Yes, that's right, shadowdaddy will be lighting an H.P. Lovecraft play! I'm pretty excited about it - we've seen both of their previous Lovecraft productions and I think the stories are very well suited to his style. It'll be running October 7th - November 12 - I can't wait for opening night!
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