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Ballet, pie, sushi: just another night in Seattle

Tonight's "opening gala" at PNB rocked. First, Arianna (Lallone) was fantastic in her piece - well, there were other people on stage, not that I noticed - athletic, gorgeous, fantastic extension, a complete joy to watch. Olivier (Wevers) was also great - the Platonic ideal of each move he made, and sexy to boot. It makes me very excited about the season to come. And you take all of that and pile a bunch of Stravinsky, played live, on top? Damn, what a great night!

We started off at gkr's pie party. I wasn't really feeling the "social" thing like I should have, but there was some very tasty pie there, especially the apple/cheddar. Next time I'll bring one, too. This all didn't quite rate as "dinner," however, so we were obliged to go to Maekawa for post-ballet tapas little Japanese snacklets. We bought gyoza, "mini sausage omelette" (this was hysterical, a full-on white-trash special with ketchup on top), some kind of "pork in wonton skin" thing, the beef-wrapped-around-onions dish, and (for shadowdaddy) some gross raw fish stuff, plus beeg ol' bottles o' sake. So we ate and ate and ate and talked and talked and talked. This is going to be our new after-theater place from now on; the food choices and prices are just too damn awesome for any other upscale joint to compete at all.

Goddamn, days like this I just feel like my life rocks. I'm gonna sit on the couch and pester shadowdaddy some more now, and maybe scoop up some bowls of ice cream.
Tags: ballet, seattle
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