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Good morning to you! And goodbye $300.

Scene: five minutes ago, in bed. We are waking up as the radio plays.
Me: You got home late last night?
Him: Yeah, 1:30.
Me: How was the show?
Him: Pretty boring, really. We just sat in the bar and talked while KMFDM played.
Me: At least the company was pleasant, so a good evening overall?
Him: It was until I went outside and saw the car had been towed.
Me: Hmm. How much did that cost?
Him: $300.
Me: Ouch.
Him: Pretty expensive for a free night out, really.
Me: How'd that happen?
Him: Well, there were signs posted, but I didn't see them ...
Me: Hmmm.
Him: Yeah, so there goes my Ipod.
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