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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Review of Cathay, and mini-friends list cull

First: Cathay, don't bother. It was hollow and the last two thirds were likely written by the Chinese ministry of information (due to the "Japanese are violent bastards" section and then the "Come see the wonders of China" section - just vile and so clearly written to convince the audience rather than to make us think). Dialogue was wooden throughout, an effect only worsened by the fact it was all recorded (and for all that, they still said "Yang" and "Tang" so they rhymed with "bang," which just made my teeth hurt). Sadly, I think many people in the audience thought they were having an artistic experience. For a good puppet time, I recommend the Carter Family Marionettes. Raven and the Box of Daylight in November, anyone?

Second: did Ye Olde Wee Little Flist cull, ditching some people who likely removed me a while back, cleaning a smattering of folks off who don't seem to post much or that I added and ... well, I don't know what to say, 180 users friended and only 155 friends of me, the numbers needed to be evened out. I've kept people whose postings are too great to remove (hipstomp and koaloha, plus kid_sportswear), people who are too famous to expect them to friend me (fd_midori, metalweb and spikeyme), and several folks that I just want to be able to keep track of on the offhand chance they post again (akoeda, jackieh and lilithmagna come to mind). That leaves only audiblecell on the Please Notice Me And Add Me list. So - I'm down to 165, and I've got good reasons for everyone I've kept - seems like a good little trimming there!

Third: I almost forgot I drove and left the car at work today. I actually started walking to the bus, and if I hadn't called shadowdaddy to do the normal end of day check in (which goes,"So, hey, you going to be at the bus stop to pick me up on time?") I would have had to have gone back to work on the bus to get the car, and shadowdaddy would have mocked me for life. But then, I might have missed the show, so maybe it wouldn't have been such a bad thing. Thank God the tickets were half price! I'm going to see the friggin' Dariel Fo play tomorrow, screw this mainstage shit.
Tags: theater
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