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Fantastic play, get off your asses and go!

We went to see Accidental Death of an Anarchist tonight at the Hugo House, and it was great! It took the energy of a commedia dell'arte play and fused it with a modern political satire, which they'd nicely updated to include "terrorists," "the Patriot act," and "police gassing people on Capitol Hill during WTO" (wasn't that fun?). I'll write more about it tomorrow, I think, but mostly I want people to know they should go see this play, which runs through October 9th. It's the best thing I've seen in the last six months or so, really good ensemble cast, and if you buy your tickets on Brown Paper Tickets ("dot com") and use the 241 coupon code, you can get two tickets for the price of one ($20), an incredible bargain. GO!

Afterwards we went to the Merc for moriae's birthday party, which set me up to also visit with poh, butterflake, thevfrchick, and gkr, and meet winterdusk. moriae was excessively charming, and I greatly enjoyed her company, but nonetheless we headed back out around midnight, ostensibly to get some Japanese chow at Maekawa, but my overly tight club clothes seemed to call for a trip back to the house, and as I expected once I got in the door it was hello warm comfy clothes and goodbye any desire to go out. I made us both cheese crisps, which we were eating more quickly than we could have had our order taken at Maekawa, and, as they say, It Was Good.

And now the night is over. If you want to hang out with me tomorrow afternoon, let me know; I'm free after about 2 for four or so hours.
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