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Almost perfect day, with rain and a job interview for tomorrow

It's almost 9 PM and it is, in my opinion, still sunny outside. I like this time of the year in Seattle, although we did just have a little cloudburst.

I had a pretty much perfect day, not as outstanding as yesterday (that one is for the books, I tell ya), but close. I took motomotoyama to Fremont to try out the Coldstone Creamery with Rachel, Melanie, and shadowdaddy and most of his office. We three girls hung out an extra half hour after the shadowdaddy crew had departed for work, enjoying the mild weather. Melanie was being extra funny, possibly because she's suffering from office/cabin fever (I loved the joke about the "cubicle hair"), possibly because she's just funny. She kept making jokes and then saying, "Don't forget to put that in your blog." So here's to you, Melanie. Thanks for getting my depressed ass out of the house today.

Afterwards, I went to the bank (where I got a compliment on my dress), Red Light in the U-District (where I discovered that 3 out of 20 dresses make me look like a sack of potatoes, the other 17 merely making me look like cocoon-bound moth), Trader Joe's (where I got two compliments on my dress, one from a mom whose little girl's face lit up when I twirled my skirt for her), and Worthy Opponent's office (again, and I got a compliment on my dress), where I stopped to give him a ride home since the day was basically over.

While I was talking with Rachel, she asked if I'd got a call from Q***, a company I had applied to, what, on Tuesday? Surprise, they called me at home tonight, and I have an interview there tomorrow at 10. I'm not sure how I'm going to work out Sorry Charlies tonight and getting to Q*** without the car tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll figure something out, given that they are about three blocks away from Worthy Opponent's building.
Tags: best moments of my life, ice cream, job hunt, quardev, shallow fashion details, unemployment

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