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Perfectly Marvelous Birthday

My birthday party was a smashing success, thankfully entirely metaphorically. Things got off to a rushed start, since I had the Tablet story to wrap up, and when my first guests arrived the dishes still weren't done and my contribution to the pot luck was still entirely in a conceptual form. But Nick and Janna were, of course, the exact kind of helpful guests that you'd want to have come over at that point, and instead of insisting that we drop everything and start entertaining them, they patiently sat in the kitchen and chatted while I whipped up some eggs vindaloo and Worthy Opponent did a little last-minute cleaning. Next to arrive was dagmar_b, followed by Matt (I opened the bottle of tequila he brought me and gave it a happy birthday swig) and then (in no order) Rachel, Troy, motomotoyama, and miss_villanelle.

I got the sangria a-chillin in the fridge, then we made ourselves comfy with (oops ... I've got a visitor ... more later)

I'm back ... my computer froze up and ate rather a lot of work, so I'll say:
Other guest were Chris, Maurie, Cathy, and Mike and Nina.
The food all went over well. The cake was very enthusiastically received.
People gave me nice and thoughtful gifts. I was very surprised to receive a present from my father (Princes of Florence), delivered by my brother. I was also really excited about getting a massage certificate and pass to the Medgar Evers pool from dagmar_b (wow, someone is actually listening when I babble!). People hung out, ate, played games and drank sangria until about 11:30, and we still have lots of food (and sangria) left over.

Tonight we're going to go to Sorry Charlie's, where I will be performing more songs from Chicago and Cabaret.
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