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My Ass is Dragon

It's a luscious cloudy day in Seattle, and I'm excited that 1) I don't have the car and 2) it's all crappy looking outside. That means I have nothing better to do today that dig into the new Harry Potter book. Probably most of the kids who got it on Saturday have already read it, but I don't care. Hah hah hah!

Last night at Sorry Charlies was a par-tay! The room was full of the silver-haired set (possibly from the retirement home up the hill?), one of whom took quite a shine to our little miss_villanelle. There was this incredible sing-off between this guy who looked like Charlie Chong and some curly haired old man who looked like the villain of Chinatown. Both of the guys sang from their seats and a black woman (looked like Geraldine, drinking champagne) chimed in now and then. Wow! What great singers! Then of course there was the drunk kiwi who was amazed at my maraschino cherry consumption technique (like I said, he was drunk), who I am pretty sure got 86ed when he headed over to the other side of the bar to get more money from the ATM.

Howard and I had a good night, but I'll write it up later for karaokeposse, 'cause we got home at 2 AM and I'm still working on breakfast right now.
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