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Righty-o. Weekend update. Sleeping Beauty Notebooks and The King And I

After sleeping through a lot of Saturday (interrupted mostly by going to brunch at Charlie's - home of Seattle's best Monte Cristos and FABulous people watching), we met up with ampliatum at Maekawa and had dinner. Then it was Sleeping Beauty Notebooks at the Moore. While at the theater, I received my come-uppance for teasing a_muse_d about going fangrrl on Neil Gaiman, as I ran into Peter Boal, the new artistic director of Pacific Northwest Ballet, in the lobby, and proceeded to get completely giddy talking about their new season. The show itself was very hard, at the level of a Pinter play, unashamedly requiring a high degree of dance literacy from the audience. (For example, it reset the "Sleeping Beauty dances with each of the princes" from the actual ballet with her as a taxi dancer and the boys as a bunch of fighting Mafioso-types; I recognized the choreography - with its "guy leads her en pointe around in a circle and lets go just long enough for her to put her hands over her head - from the version PNB put on a while back, but shadowdaddy missed the reference.) I mostly followed along but found some sections irritating and others just confusing. (The "Christening Banquet Orgy" scene was clearly original and decidedly lively, I give it a thumbs-up.) It cemented my desire to go see the Royal National Ballet next time I'm in London - I need more great dance in my life, and the opportunities here (except for PNB) are generally only "good."

Afterwards I was off to the Merc for theda's bachelorette bash, which was nicely summarized by this old quote from Married With Children: "Nothing says 'bridesmaid or easy' like short black leather!" 'Ettes butterflake, moriae, alexiaprncs, and staxxy were there, as well as a million people I didn't know and gkr (wearing a kilt and buying me margaritas, RAR!), a_muse_d (looking hawt with her newly shorn hair), thevfrchick, violet_rain and ... just too many people, including the only goth that comes to Pilates at the Y. I got in some good dancing, had a pretty bride-to-be fall in my lap a couple of times, and generally enjoyed myself.

Today was Day of Laze, which like yesterday featured late rising, late breakfast, and extra napping. shadowdaddy was virtuous and installed insulation; I was not and considered the load of dishes I did my peak accomplishment for the day. (I also made "fresh fettucine with pesto cream sauce and new potatoes" for the hungry boy, and it was good. Damned good. Carbs ahoy!) We dashed to the Fifth Avenue Theater, where we met scarlettina and watched the spectacle that is The King and I in the best theater ever for that show (as it's all red and gold with dragons - 100% Temple of Heaven). Too bad Stephanie Powers was singing like my grandma; at least the company was good. We skipped ordering a "Governess" at the theater bar and instead went to Dilettante on Broadway, where between the three of us we had two scoops of ice cream, one slice of raspberry cheesecake, and two ports. YUM!

Busy week ahead - wish me luck, all.
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