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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Post-Catwalk commentary

Went to the Catwalk with motomotoyama tonight for Girl4Girl. It was fairly entertaining, but the music sucked compared to the Mercury, and according to motomotoyama the drinks did, too. Also went to the play earlier, as planned, and may write about it tomorrow ... I'm supposed to be handing out copies of Tablet at the Pride parade tomorrow and I have to get up a little earlier than normal to get there on time.

I had someone call me a writer today. "Oh, yeah, I know who you are," he said to me, "you're one of (locally famous playwright)'s writer friends." Oh, but I said, I'm not really a writer. "Yes you are, I've heard you talk about writer stuff with him before." Wow, I thought, could I really be a writer? It's true, I am getting published and I do talk to (name here) about writing stuff. So I decided I should stop arguing with him about it and bask in the glow of the concept of someone thinking that I am a writer.
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