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post pride nap time

Just got home from handing out papers for Tablet and I'm bushed. I'm sure the fact I didn't get into bed until 2 is part of the problem. Thank God it's cloudy, it will make it easier to sleep.

Quick Pride review: basically it's still a pretty dumb parade. There were two samba-like groups that I thought added a much needed layer of flash to the goings-on, and there were two or three goth groups parading, which I liked. I got all sorts of necklaces (and some free buss passes - now there's some good swag!) while walking back from the end of the parade. I spend the last fifteen minutes standing near the Jesus freak with his megaphone, waving my fan and shaking my flowery-pink pants clad bootie to try to drive his bad vibes away. I'm sure I at least irritated him, but the people on the floats were loving hearing my excited shrieking over his negativity, so I felt like my work was worth-while. And a lot of people took my picture as I stood next to him!

His final insult to me was, "Yeah, look at you with your pink hair and ... pink ... stuff. What do you know about morality? Jesus destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah!" And then I said, "God, I'm getting so hot I'm going to have to take my shirt off!" And he said (through his megaphone, of course), "Don't take your shirt off in front of the children!" which meant of course I HAD to take my shirt off, only I had a sports bra on so it wasn't very titillating.

And I have a great idea for a float for next year, but I'm posting it on my other blog.

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