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Two recommended shows: "A Fistful of Lesbians" and "The Ikea Cycle"

It's been a week full of shows for me - five in five days (I doubled up on Saturday and then took Sunday off). My net conclusion: I must tell the world about the incredible excellence of Pulp Vixen's Double Feature ("A Fistful of Lesbians" and "Hung by the Chimney"), which ends this weekend, as well as the bizarre, and yet fabulous, Ikea Cycle, last show tomorrow (free, 7 PM and repeats at 8).

Described by The Stranger as "a womyn-friendly revenge western," the Pulp Vixen's new show, "A Fistful of Lesbians" (don't google that phrase, you'll regret it) had me laughing almost constantly from the moment a tiny motorized tumbleweed zoomed across "Spinster's Gulch," to be closely followed by two ladies riding stick horses. The tawdry dialogue started immediately:

Ophan Molly: Why do I get a burro and you get a horse?
Bounty Huntress: Are you saying you need a new mount?
Ophan Molly: Well, I do like the way this one rides ... he's got a smooth bump. (Demonstrates.)

Scott Auguston, who does the Sergeant Rigsby puppet shows, wrote both of these plays, and his wit was in high gear. Camp can actually be hard to do, but the Vixens seemed to know exactly what it was going to take to milk the most out of it (both a certain seriousness to the delivery and enough self awareness to throw in a wink here and there). Their delivery was totally polished and we just ate it up. The second show, "Hung by the Chimney," was actually something I'd seen several years back. You'd think you wouldn't forget any of the plot twists in a story about a lesbian-run monkey mafia and the hard-bitten detective (with a tiny lisp) that brings them down ... but I had, and it was hysterical to see it again. Don't miss this show. (Theater Off Jackson, through November 13th.)

The Ikea Cycle - what's not to like about a play presented in a furniture store while the customers continue to shop? The kicker is that it's not one play, it's thirteen one acts, only three of which show per night. We as the audience entered and migrated to the "set" where a given scene was taking place (the program said, 7 PM: Living Room) and made ourselves comfortable on the chairs or beds or couches we found. I really enjoyed watching the actors handle roles with, in my mind, a lot of distraction to keep them on their toes; just as much, I enjoyed watching the actors distract the regular customers (Stephen Hando's singing telemarketer was ace). Last night was just chock-full of Seattle theatrical talent - Bret Fetzer and Sarah Rudinoff and Llysa Holland and Andrew Litzky (of theater simple) and playwright Keri Healey (whom I'd seen acting Saturday night) were just a few of the luminaries in our presence. A bomb would have easily crippled the Seattle theater scene for years.

I cry to think that I shall not be able to see "Eight Lonely Couches" ("In a dance sequence choreographed by Juliet Waller Pruzan, all eight characters meet in the couch section on the display floor"), but it is my sincere hope that by posting this here, someone else will have the opportunity to experience this incredible weirdness themselves. Remember, when it's all done you can sit down and have a nice plate of meatballs and lingonberry mousse cake at the cafe. Thank you, and feel free to continue shopping at Ikea.
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