Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Iron Chef Seattle!

(The scene opens with our chef on the phone)
Chef (brightly): Yeah, sure, come on over! We've got room for more at our table ... uh, but, let's see (looks in oven at roast, thinks about what sort of entree she could do for a vegetarian) ... uh, yeah, see you in an hour!

(Our hero ponders how to pull a monkey out of her ass in forty-five minutes)
Hmm, let's see ... we've got a little squash, let's get it cooking ... (slices it and cleans it, puts in in to bake, then rummages around in cabinet) ... Wild rice mix, that will make a good stuffing ... (dumps part of the water for the potatoes into a different pan and starts the rice in it immediately) ... Hmm, saffron never hurts .... (adds a few threads) ... Ooh, and a little fruit would make this very tasty. I've got some golden raisins (tosses in the pot) ... Hmm, and a bit of onion ... (takes out of the green bean pan and adds to rice) ... Some curry powder ... (knocks a bit out of a nearly empty tin) ... Ginger powder and cayenne to perk it up? ... (Adds more, then opens the oven) ... Ooh, the squash is looking good ... Some mystery spice ... and toasted almonds! Excellent!
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