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I think I have a job. I had a job. I think I may have had a job. I think I may have a job.

The work looks to not be materializing for tomorrow, either, so it looks like I'm going to get tomorrow off, too. This is mostly good since it means I will earn the same amount I would have if I had actually worked tomorrow, but I'll get to goof off instead. Otherwise it's bad, kind of weird and demoralizing, but I'd rather focus on the blue skies I see to the west, over downtown, and the possibility of going to see The Wau Wau Sisters tonight rather than think about this half-ass employment thing. And maybe I'll get called in on the *$ job.

I made good progress on my to-do list today, and without the possibility of work tomorrow it's looking like 1) waterproof tile 2) plant gladiolas 3) buy catfood 4) work on my blogging story will be the order of business mañana - with (maybe) breakfast at Glo's and then (quite likely) happy hour at Beso del Sol with Rachel and Melanie. I'm undecided about art walk, feeling disposed toward 7 PM movie watching, and very much hoping to go dancing later that night. Or go to Mandarin Gate. Whatever!
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