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Long live Hogwarts!

I'm rather ashamed to say I very much liked the new Harry Potter flick. Goblet of Fire or something, kind of shocking since I've found most of the series to be light reads. I don't think we can really talk of me providing spoilers (and I'm not going to do a proper review), since I figure everyone I know has read the book (or hasn't and doesn't care at all), but this was the first of the HP movies that actually sucked me into the story. I can recall the exact scene: it was shortly after the "World Quidditch Cup," and Harry had just got beaned in the noggin. Suddenly, I found I was ... afraid. An emotion! It's like they were real people and not just a bunch of actors on a sound stage! And later, I was very disturbed by the underwater scene, the ending of which left me a little misty-eyed, and I was really struggling as Potter had to deal with the anger and rejection of his friends. And ... there was blood. And death. And flirtatious ghosts. And swearing.

Yep, this is a dark Potter, not suitable for kiddies. I might even go again.
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