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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

T + 8 hours. It's all over but the leftovers

Everything has been put away and I've got the remains of dinner boiling away in a stockpot right now. The guests have all headed home, most of them laden with care packages of one sort or another. We played three games tonight after dinner: Truth or Crap, Once Upon a Time (with the "Dark Tales" addition), and Betrayal at House on the Hill (three of us died but we finally got the Haunt). It was all nice and I liked how well everyone got along, but I'm really pooped out now. shadowdaddy was a total star and did dishes and put almost all of the food away, doing as much work after the meal as I had done before (well, as long as you forget about the three nights I prepped beforehand, but still, he was totally in the trenches with me all day today). a_muse_d's mulled wine was extra-yummy, even if it did slow me down, and I love that wordknitter spoiled me both with home-made ice cream and the sage/cheddar biscuits that I love so much.

Good friends, good food, good times. I knew there was some reason I keep doing this every year. Thanks, everyone, for making it such a good day.
Tags: thanksgiving

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