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Since I have a cold, begging and being pathetic seem to come naturally

Do you knit? Find yourself at loose ends for new projects?

Two years ago I had a lovely knitted cap - utterly simple, just red and black (I think mostly red with a black band around the bottom and a tiny stripe of red to finish it off), no dealie bobs or flibbertigibbets, just a cap. I found it sitting on top of a fire hydrant in the U-district, making it look for all the world like a little Jizo (see below). It seemed made for me - just the right color of red - and it did good work keeping my ears warm that winter.

And then one day it was gone. I suspect it had always felt the urge to wander, and it had come time for it to seek its next home. How could I complain - we spent such good times together, and if it felt it needed its freedom I wasn't going to be the one who said no.

At any rate, I still miss this hat. I haven't seen any pre-made ones that are nearly as cool as it was. So with all the knitters I know, I can't help but wonder ... it's cold out there, any of you have an itchin' to help me cover my noggin?

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