Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

My tenuous connection to pop culture was no doubt severed long ago

I'm looking at the voting list for the top 90 albums of 2005 on KEXP and I'm feeling like a big old loser because I don't think there are even 5 albums on there that I'm familiar with. I've maybe bought one of them. I am out of touch. I'm going to try hard to care .... ggggrrrrrrrrrUMPH! Didn't work. I'll get back to doing my old people thing, which is what brought me to their website in the first place - donating money. Truth be told, KEXP (which streams live online) has made me lazy - they constantly play such good music that I don't really bother buying music, I just listen to them. When I don't feel like listening to whatever DJ is on ("Rap Attack" and the Saturday morning reggae hour being the worst of the week in my book), I can take advantage of their fantastic archive of shows and live performances. They make being old easy and I should reward them for it by giving them my filthy software lucre.

In the continuing saga of I'm A Very Old Lady, I was getting excited about going back to work last night. I've got a really challenging project on my plate - I call it Voldemort, "The Project That Shall Not Be Named," because apparently it's so secret I'm not even supposed to mention its code name - and it's going to keep me very busy and fully occupied. I'll be juggling about six testers and going to a full range of meetings and et cetera etcetera I am a very sad excuse for a human being. I was talking about it last night at Jai Thai (which does not have karaoke any more, but is really fucking cold inside) with stolen_tea, and ... I got all pumped up. Ecce geek.

My big indulgence Saturday was a $15 massage, and the knots I tied in my rhomboids during my many coughing fits got loosened up just enough to ache. I tried soaking it out in a purple fizzy bath (courtesy of hieroglyphe, and I must say that was the girliest bath bomb ever, plus the little piece of paper that said "boom boom" in the middle made me laugh) after the karaoke no-go last night. I don't know if I got anywhere with the back, but I did very much enjoy having shadowdaddy keep me company by reading to me about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup. And the world seems good and it's a Monday and I'm excited about a big "kicking ass and taking names" week at work.
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