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Bad kitty - I mean, good kitty

I was a bad overly sympathetic human just now and I took what I'm pretty sure was a baby rat away from Boo. I was very pleased that she caught it, but she kept batting it, and it was kind of curled up in a miserable little ball ... unsurprisingly as it turned out, as when I picked it up (by the tail) I noted it had a nice little gash in its side. I was going to just let "nature take its course," but when I walked away she batted it and made it squeak piteously ... anyway, as a former owner of a pet rat and a pet mouse that's how I interpreted it. They were good pets, nice and smart animals. I threw it into the ivy near the plum tree, where it will surely die anyway, but I figure better off dying quietly in the bushes than being tortured to death by a delighted persian cat.

I'm working on the dishes this AM and am planning on going to the 12:30 Pilates class. I need to call the vet to ask about the results of the tests she did on the old cat, and I also need to check in with the contracting agency this afternoon about the *$$ job. Worthy Opponent is likely having a miserable day at work, but I guess he'll survive somehow and there's not much either of us can do about things over there other than my trying to get something more steady on my end.

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