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Pilates + Koraku = happy

Unemployment and all, this seems like it's been a pretty good day and I've accomplished some stuff. The pile of dishes in the kitchen is noticeably smaller, there's turkey bean and veggie soup bubbling on the stove, and my first paycheck from Q*** is on the fridge. I had my butt kicked (yet pleasantly) at the Pilates class, made a brief Safeway pass, and went to the ID for Koraku (planned, I was feeling protein-deprived after class) and a brief stop at a random Chinese grocery (unplanned, but now I have dried rice noodles, Rainier cherries at a quarter the price of Safeway, and ... big treat ... fresh lychees!). I still need to deal with bathing the dogs, cleaning the catboxes, and watersealing the tile, but I feel like I've earned a nap and I'm going to take it! All I need is a good book and my afternoon would be complete ...

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