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No big buxx for me

Well, *$$ isn't going to call me in for the big buxx job - and Q*** is trying to figure out, as we speak, if they're actually going to have work for me tomorrow. I await with baited breath - baited with ham and waffles since I just got back from my breakfast with miss_villanelle at Glo's. I'm feeling sore from my Pilates class yesterday - I pretty much never work my chest and back muscles, and lifting my arms over my head hurts right now.

It looks like an exciting afternoon of Washing the Dogs and Cleaning the Catboxes for me right now. I'm glad it's cool and overcast, since it makes it more pleasant to be in the house right now. I have a neighborhood meeting at 6 tonight, then Worthy Opponent is off to see some spaghetti western at the Varsity.

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