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Sibling revivalry

I came home from the neighborhood meeting, and, rather than yelling at the dogs for getting out of the kitchen and scattering cat litter all over the living room (Shadow remembers how mad I get - he was cowering already when I walked in the door - why can't he remember and just not do it?), I called my sister. She picked up the phone, I asked her if she wanted to come visit, and she said yes, no hemming or hawing or anything! I even came up with an itinerary she likes.
Fri, Aug 22 2:05pm Depart -(PHX) Alaska Airlines 727 Arrive 4:56pm
Return Flight: Mon, Aug 25
2:42pm Depart - Alaska Airlines 718
5:33pm Arrive - Phoenix, AZ She's going to email me tomorrow to confirm, and then I'll buy the tickets for her (it's a late Christmas present, funded by the auto accident).

What's funny is that I didn't even THINK about whether or not she wanted to travel with her kids: I just assumed she wanted to and it would be a matter of how many I or she could afford to pay for. But her idea was that coming without the kids would be GREAT, which kind of cracked me up because of COURSE a woman with two young kids would think it was great to get away from them for a little while, I just hadn't thought of it. And her husband just got a new job, so he doesn't have any vacation time yet, but she does, so it's no problem for her to go at all. YAAAAY! I'm off and running on thinking of things to do with her - whale watching! Dim sum! Canoeing! Seeing cute towns on the coast! Eating tacos! YAAAAAY!

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