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Late night at the Honey Court

Just got back from a super late dinner at the Honey Court restaurant in China Town. It warms my heart that while the bourgeouis burghers of Bellevue are sleeping in their beds, young Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and Philipino kids (and some young families!) are just eating dinner - and really packing it away, too. This place had practically no decor other than the golden walls, but I got a real kick out of the rice served in big thermoses. Worthy Opponent got Pork Chow Mein (enough to serve 4 people) and I got the Chicken Hot Pot (off of the anniversary menu - I think I'll go back for the $8.95 1/2 Peking duck), and we both ate plenty. I probably should have got the duck, or ordered the Prawns with Peaches and Lychees done with chicken (yow!). And I discovered they're having the International District Festival this weekend along with everything else ... I guess we'll have to walk over tomorrow and check it out.

We also saw Rivers and Tides, but I'm too tired to write about it. I have to go clean up my old kitty's mess now.
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