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For the Brits - Vladmaster goes to England

If you enjoy bizarre art performances, I'd like to recommend you see Vladmaster, who is starting a brief tour of England today in Birmingham (London at the Horse Hospital on Saturday the 27th). Vlad does group Viewmaster shows, in which the audience clicks away, seeing the pictures on her home-made reels, while Vlad provides musical accompaniment. Although I have never been so lucky as to actually see her perform live, I do own a copy of her Franz Kafka Viewmaster set. I've attached the complete schedule.

She writes in her email: "I am doing a little tour of the UK, showing Lucifugia Thigmotaxis, The Public Life of Jeremiah Barnes, and Actaeon at Home. The dates and times for shows are below:"

Friday January 20th
7PM at The Electric, tickets £7
47-49 Station St
(Showing alongside a film of Telly Savalas touring Birmingham, Manyfingers (a multi-instrumentalist with a loop pedal), and The Destroyers, a klezmer band, playing along to the early Edwardian films of Mitchell & Kenyon.)
Part of the very fabulous Flatpack Film Festival.
see http://www.7inch.org.uk for more details.

Wednesday January 25th
3:15 PM at Mash Cinema
Hereford College of Art and Design
Folly Lane

Thursday January 26th
8PM at Cube Microplex, tickets £5
Dove Street South
see http://microplex.cubecinema.com/cubewebsite/ for more info

Saturday January 27th
7:30 PM at Horse Hospital
Colonnade, Bloomsbury
see http://www.horsehospital.com for more info

Someone go so you can gloat that you did it, since I've not once made it the three hours to Portland to see her and the one time she was in Seattle I was in London. plumsbitch?
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