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Sunday breakfast - Part Time Punks

Across America, people were mixing Bisquik, pouring Insta-pancakes, and popping PopNFresh into the oven, in preparation for a meal with fake maple syrup and a heavy flavor of baking powder (you need extra to cope with the shelf life). Meanwhile, in a little house in the tattier end of Seattle, one household was grating lemons, cracking eggs, and blending fresh-picked raspberries into cottage cheese. Yep, we had raspberry blintzes for breakfast today, and damn they were good. We know how to do breakfast right over here.

Found one of my favorite songs of all time on line today ... "Part Time Punks," which I now know is by a band called "TV Personalities." I've sung this song to myself a million times (Gary from Tracks in Wax, the record store in Phoenix I worked at my freshman year in college, used to sing it all of time making fun of the customers), and I'm not sure if it's more hysterical that the situation is still exactly the same today as described in the song or that I found this on a web site obsessively discussing the songs Morrisey played before, between, and after his concert sets on his 2002 tour. Of course, if you were to ask Worthy Opponent, he's probably say the most hysterical thing was watching me play along to the song as it played on the computer, thanks to some sweet little Flash tool that shows the chords as the song plays.

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