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Uuuuuukeloza. Ukeladies. Ukelosers.

Took some pizza and a splendid_geryon to the REBar to watch Ukelooza tonight, me in my best orange and pink and black bark-cloth Aloha shirt, he in the Striped Pants of Nonadmissability. We did hear some pleasant uke tunes (including the stylings of Leeni and Miss Mamie Lavona and Her White Boy Band), but the artistic highlight was "The Vis A Vis Society," two girls who did a survey of the audience ("A ukelele tries A) little white lies B) making a meal out of a milk shake C) eating more eggs, less French fries," etc., 9 questions), which one of them counted while the other recited ukelele trivia. They then inserted the winning answers into a song, Mad-Lib style, which they finished up while dancing and reading out the answers a the free-form question ("If I could tell the Ukelele one secret thing, it would be ...") 'Oh ukelele, the third string is weak!' 'Oh ukelele, you are beautiful!' 'Oh ukelele, I pick my nose in bed!' I died.

It was a fundraiser for Rain City Projects, so as usual I felt compelled to bid on the items of artistic merit they had collected. I got two "pick six" passes to On The Boards, two season subscriptions to Capitol Hill Arts Center, and the "white trash date," which contains a six pack of Rainier Tall-boys, a $25 gift certificate to Dick's (burgers, oh boy), passes to the zoo, and two supposedly very nice baseball tickets. I also got props from the MC for bidding while I was working on my cross-stitch - go me!

Best joke of the night:
What's the difference between a trampoline and a ukelele?
You take your shoes off when you jump on a trampoline.

The night ended with all of the uke performers on stage doing "Blue Suede Shoes," while the audience sang with and the Vis A Vis girls danced along. I'd only had one cider and two drinks (amaretto sour and kamikazi), but I found myself wishing I'd had two more. It was a really good night.
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