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I do really feel better when he holds my hand

I tend to feel like I'm a baby because I'm so, well, "addicted to touch." I went out with a lot of guys that hated the whole PDA thing, and it made me feel self-conscious and needy.. But this article in the New York Times made me feel better: "Holding Loved One's Hand Can Calm Jittery Neurons." Check out these quotes:

" 'The effect of this simple gesture of social support is that the brain and body don't have to work as hard, they're less stressed in response to a threat.' "

"The brain's alarm system ... often becomes overactive in situations that are nagging but not life threatening like worries over relationships, deadlines, money or homework. Easy access to an affectionate touch in these moments — or to a hug, a back rub or more — 'is a very good thing, is deeply soothing,' Dr. Coan said."

"[A] touch between close partners can blunt the sensation of physical pain, which is related to the level of anticipation. All of which also explains why the withdrawal or absence of affectionate touch can be so upsetting."

Anyway, I really liked the article, even though, in its own way, it was smooshy. It made me feel better about being wired the way I am.

Also: does her shirt really say "Because Rabbits Deserve Butter?" I swear, every time I look at that picture of that man holding a rabbit three times the size of my cat, that's what I see ...
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