Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

New restaurant, quiet evening

I left work worn out with my lack of sleep but still dragged myself to Pilates (and a yummy visit to the hot tub beforehand). Left in a good mood and found shadowdaddy waiting for me outside, because the crappy-assed class schedule at Freehold had him locked out of the theater until 8. Boo for them, yay for me! We went to Roti in Lower Queen Anne and had a right nice little dinner, lamb something (with cashews) with appetizers (we split it because the launch party had left him rather full), and even had time to pick up some groceries before he dropped me off at home and went to rehearsal.

Now I'm home and Ijust finished reading Harry Dresden ("Wizard Detective") novel number 2, Fool Moon. This series has become amazingly popular, with my boss waiting for book 4 and varina8 backed up for #2 (you, madame, are in luck). I lent tonyawinter #1 (given to me by lilithmagna), so I suspect she'll be joining the line soon - this series is too hot to keep down. Next will probably be shadowdaddy's Deep Survival book (about the evolutionary features that determine how we handle situational extremes, the kind where our choices can result in death) or the delightfully trashy looking Marilyn Manson bio spikeylady lent me. Meanwhile, Mr. Beans is waiting for me to bring my Broken Angels to the office so he can polish it off. But ... just think, it's only February (*checks*) seventh and I've been getting through a book a week! This is great!

Er, yes, and now that I've wasted as much time as possible, I'm now going to get on with making enchiladas for my brother's birthday dinner tomorrow. Frying, ho!
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