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Community meetings SUCK

Last night was a stark reminder of why people DON'T like to get involved in neighborhood politics. At the meeting last week, I had agreed to make a draft proposal of what our neighborhood wanted to see created, as per the discussions that we had been having for the last year or so. When I showed up with the proposal, I had to endure forty five minutes of arguments about city political realities, which ended with some old dude telling me, "What don't you understand about this? Are you not hearing what we're saying? Have you been listening? What don't you get?" And there my husband sat, nary a word of support in my behalf.

What I didn't get was what the discussion had to do with the proposal. If we had truly been quibbling about striking half a sentence ("might include a plaza" versus "can include a plaza"), I had agreed to do that after about five minutes, so for all that Worthy Opponent (aka "the big jerk") said that the argument was about my proposal, in fact the argument was about things that didn't have anything to do with what was going to go into the proposal. If there was anything people wanted to add, they never said so. What was being attacked was ME.

We got maybe half an hour of discussion about the meat of the proposal (or really the edge of the meat - nothing about the concept itself), with a ratings list (was it accurate? was it conclusive?) and a site list (same issues), but mostly people were big on criticism and low on constructive comments. I felt they (especially the old dude) had little idea of how to talk about ideas they didn't like and instead focused on how they didn't like MY ideas. I was so angry about it I was spitting tacks at the end of the night and in fact had pretty much decided to wash my hands of the thing for good. What a bunch of pansy-assed panty waists I have as neighbors - a bunch of docile Seattle cows. I slept on the couch and I'm still just furious. Oh yeah, and I'm in for my 8:30 meeting - my big one hour of work today.

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