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Talbot's outlet

The meeting was useful and an hour and a half, so worth my time. Went to the Talbot's outlet store in Lynnwood afterward. What a panacea for cheaply sewn mall crap! Silk, linen, mmmm. I touched almost everything in the store. They had some great burnt velvet pants for about $18 and these adorable "Legally Blonde" pink skirt sets for $19 (alas, not in my size). I could go on and on but basically I think my friends who might need some clothes should check it out, especially sallysimpleton who could probably even fit in some of the kids' clothes. I failed at getting a pair of capris in my size, so tomorrow I'm going downtown to see if I have any luck.

Meanwhile, my friend Dug called, so I'm off to have coffee with him before I return to Q*** for the bowling barbeque party.

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