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Happy "I really suck" day

You know that when your options at the drug store are the "Mi Carida Esposa" and "Happy Valentine's Day From Your Dog" cards that you have waited a little too long to do your shopping.

I managed to find something that was in English and not from the dog (though not for Valentine's day, but hey, at least it wasn't the Barbie-themed "To My Niece" card), added some women's gloves (because there weren't any men's gloves to be found in all of downtown in the half hour I had to shop) and a freaking Starbucks swipe card later (because it was useful, and no, Mr. Barrista, I'll skip the teddy bear, as the image I'm hoping to present is "I'm really thoughtless," not "I have no respect for you"), and I was ... all ready to blow the gym and just go home and sleep before dinner. This is, of course, what I did. Once I woke up, it was a quick shower, then I changed into a nice low-backed dress, the necklace I was given last year :-), heels and seamed hose so that I actually looked like a presentable date.

Dinner was delicious, though I was 1) about ready to gnaw my arm off before we finally were seated and 2) exhausted about half-way through the secondi without the benefit of wine to make me tired (stupid cold). The prix fixe menu at Osteria La Spiga was fantastic. I stole the menu so that I could reproduce it in whole, or at least the "whole" of our order: antipasti, primi, secondi, dolci - there were four options for each, and this is what we chose (me, then him, all ultimately shared).

Croccchette d'uovo sodo (deep fried soft boiled egg, served with prosciutto)
Tortelli alla lastra con affettati (thin grilled potato tortelli - a filled bread - served with cold cuts)
Fregole sarde in brodo d'agnello (fregole pasta - like buckwheat - in rich lamb and saffron broth)
Mezzalune rosse ai formaggi con fonduta ai funghi (red half-moon pasta stuffed with cheese and almonds and served with mushroom sauce - I wiped shadowdaddy's plate with the bread, YUM!)
Filetto di maiale ai funghi (pork tenderloin roasted with mushrooms and served with braised fennel)
Stracotto alla Parmigiana (braised natural beef Parma style with fried polenta)
No, poh, we did not get the coniglio alla mostarda.
Gelato di Zabaglione ('nuff said)
Tortino caldo al cioccolato e grappa (warm chocolate-grappa cake)

Anyway, damn nice dinner, all two plus hours of it, though I ripped my hose as I was standing up to put on my coat. We really should go there more.
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